Gender Equality

Mother Behold Thy Son 
One Woman's journey to dismantle patriarchy and live a life of equality,love


1. Book 

As a result of reading my book Mother Behold Thy Son, mothers use their maternal power of love to intentionally teach gender equality in the home.

Boys learn how to discern and unlearn toxic masculinity and live as equals with girls.

Girls and Women exercise their voice , stand on their stories and learn to live as authentic equals.

Families begin real dialogue on gender inequality and transform relations, deconstructing patriarchy in the process.

I am looking for individuals, families and organisations that are ready to stand in their truth; and transition from unequal to equal gender relations and live a life of equality, love and freedom. Who do you know?

Upcoming Events

Freedom Jam on Fridays. Music and reading of extracts from Mother Behold Thy Son

Live Mbira music and reading parts of book starting Saturday 19 October 2019 

When is the book launch?

The book launch and afterparty will be live in Iqaluit Nunavut on 29 November and will be livestreamed on facebook

I am a Mother, Author, Speaker , Coach and Mbira Player

My Work

I know I am powerful. My power derives from unconditional love; love for social justice and peace❣

I am passionate about gender equality. I was born gender wrong, third in a succession of girls. In primary school I took punches for being smarter than some boys. In secondary school my body was violated by three boys. At work, my body was groped by a manager.  As a mother of two girls and one boy, I believe gender equality begins in the home. I had to come up with Mother  Behold Thy Son, to teach our sons to jettison toxic masculinity and to embrace gender equality. For my country of residence Canada and of origin Zimbabwe, and the whole world, gender equality is important because it will lead to  peace and true development. I had to commit to being vulnerable visible and authentic and tell my story, not from a point of righteousness but from knowing that I am not perfect; from unconditional love.

My Community


My story and yours are connected. As I tell my story I want you to ask yourself...what is my reality. 

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